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Pateo do Barao in Lisbon - Portugal

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Pateo do Barao is a pioneering project for sustainable rehabilitation in Lisbon. This shows through if we dig a little deeper and talke a look at what lies behind its beautiful walls.

The use of green construction materials are core part of the project. These include, but are not limited to, clay, bamboo, stone, pine bark and cork.

Pateo will offer its residents the luxuries of modern life, but it will do so while keeping its energy consumption levels to a minimum.

A rainwater harvesting system will store water undergroung, when it rains. This water can then be used for irrigating the project's green spaces, as well for indoor non-potable fixtures, such as toilets and washers, for when it doesn't.

Solar panesl will take advantage of Portugal's excellent sunny weather, collecting the sun's energy therby reducing Pateo's reliances on the local grid and fossil fuels.

Pateo do Barao feartures an infinity pol with spectacular views of the classic red brick roofs of Lisbon.

Using salt filtration system to deliver silky smooth, naturally sanitized water that won't irritate eyes of fade fabrics.

Vertical gardens which use less water and electricity than the traditional variety, while filtering the air and offsetting our carbon footprint.