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Buying Property in Antigua Guide

Aside from being home to 365 world-class beaches, reefs, endless sunshine, and rich culture, Antigua's international accessibility, tax incentives, strong security and political stability make it one of the best Caribbean islands to buy property in. Whether your wish is to live a peaceful island life post-retirement, buy a holiday home, or obtain a passport by real estate investment, buying property in Antigua is a great choice. Learn more about the where and buy a property in our buying property in Antigua guide.

Types of Property for Sale in Antigua

Buying a property in Antigua will present you with lots of options, with types of properties ranging from private luxury villas to beachfront apartments. You'll find properties showcasing a mix of Antigua traditions with British architecture. Properties for sale in Antigua also include townhouses, beach cottages, land lots, and commercial properties, each one serving a different purpose.

Where to Buy Property in Antigua?

When buying a property in Antigua, your intention matters the most. Whether you want to experience the Caribbean lifestyle, start a business or want a buy-to-let property, will decide where you buy the property, be it city centre or in front of the ocean.

St. John

For the purpose of buying a commercial property in order to establish an independent business, Antigua's capital, St. John is the ideal location.

Jolly Harbour

If you're interested in buying a waterfront house in Antigua either luxury or at affordable rates, Jolly Harbour will cater to you. You'll have amenities including shops, restaurants, and bars as well as plenty of opportunities to go sailing and fishing.

Hodges Bay

Hodges Bay is located 10 minutes from V.C Bird International Airport and 15 minutes from St John’s. It has multiple resorts and there are apartments and townhouses on the market. Hodges bay is  a tourist destination increasing its property investment value.

Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay beach is deemed one of the best in Antigua and offers water sports, resorts, restaurants, bars and shops. You can buy some of the best beachfront houses of Antigua here.

How to Buy Property in Antigua?

Buying property in Antigua is an uncomplicated process, provided you consult with a real estate agent and a good attorney.

Property Search

Hire an estate agent as soon as you have your mind set on what you want. With their help, you can start your search for properties. After the search has a successful result in the form of the perfect property, make an offer.

Legal Matters

Your hired attorney will ensure that there are no encumbrances on the property by assessing the title deed to save you the trouble later. This is followed by the preparation of a Sales Agreement.

Fees & Taxes when you buy a property in Antigua

After the agreement, you'll be required to make a 10% deposit to the seller. Extra charges include the legal fees, which is usually 1-2% of the purchase price, the estate agent's fee is negotiable ranging from 5% to 7%, and a Stamp duty of 2.5%.

Buying Property in Antigua for Foreigners

There are no restrictions on foreigners about buying property in Antigua. However, before buying a house in Antigua, foreign buyers need to apply for a Non-Citizens Land Holding License which costs 5% of the property price, and takes around five months to be approved.

Antigua Real Estate

Antigua and Barbuda’s real estate market composed of luxury villas and condos have attracted celebrities, fashion designers and businessmen from all over the world. You're bound to get high returns on investment by buying a property and using it for short or long-term rentals since Antigua is an iconic tourist destination. The new airport terminal built in 2015 has made Antigua more accessible to tourists and investors from abroad, contributing to growth of its real estate market.

Antigua Citizenship by Investment

Antigua and Barbuda's Citizenship by Investment Program allows investors to obtain a passport for themselves and their family by making a qualifying investment of at least $400k on a property from a pre-approved area and a government-approved development project. Citizens of Antigua can enjoy visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including the UK, the Schengen area, Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia. Get in touch with us today to know more about investing and buying property in Antigua.