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There’s No Place Like… Malta

27 Aug

When looking to move to Malta, there are a number of factors that residents usually assess. Friendly locals, World Heritage protected sites, low crime rate, state of the art health care, a warm climate, strategic location and authentic Mediterranean food are but a few of the lifestyle advantages. However, Malta has many more benefits that are sometimes overlooked. Malta’s stable…

Four Ways to Take Advantage of Malta’s Booming Property Market

27 Aug

Malta has cultivated a healthy economic landscape which reaches the requirements of the investment market around the world. With ever-growing demand, the island registered a 6.6% GDP growth in 2017 and is home to a number of growing sectors, namely the financial sector, tourism, gaming, pharma, shipping and yachting, amongst other industries. Malta has also positioned itself as an ideal…

Greece Government cutting 24% VAT on immovable property

23 Aug

As announced by Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, tax reforms are a “key priority” in order to attract more foreigners to invest in Greece. Amongst the reforms announced during the past month were tax reforms relating to immoveable property. Two important measures are the reduction of the ENFIA tax and the elimination of the 24% VAT on property purchases which…



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