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Grenada Citizenship through Real Estate Investment

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program offers investors and their family members a uniquely convenient way to obtain citizenship and a second passport through a real estate investment or government donations in the country.

You can become a citizen of this beautiful Caribbean island, with the perfect climate and plenty of gorgeous beaches in no time and enjoy the freedom of travelling visa free to more than 140 countries along with many other advantages.

Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Benefits

The Grenada citizenship by Real Estate investment program offers a variety of benefits that can contribute to improving your quality of life. Firstly, the application process is one of the fastest for a CBI program. You can involve your family members, so they get to enjoy the same benefits as you which can also be passed down to future generations. Grenada allows dual citizenship by allowing you to keep your first passport and it is the only Caribbean country that allows its citizens to apply for the E2 visa in the USA. You’re not required to stay in Grenada during the application process. As a Grenada citizen, you will be allowed visa free travel to 141 countries, including the UK, EU countries, Europe’s Schengen zone, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Eligibility

The application process for the Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment program is easy but there are a few eligibility requirements for the applicant first. The applicant must be above 18 years old, have a clean criminal record, pass a background check, and provide proof of funds, which should be legal income.

The family members that pass the eligibility criteria for the Grenada CBI include the applicant’s spouse, parents or grandparents supported by the applicant, any unmarried siblings aged at least 18 with no children of their own, their children aged under 18, over 18 if they’re mentally unwell, or aged 18-29 if studying at a higher learning institution supported by the applicant.

Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Process

First thing to do to apply for the Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment program, is choosing a government approved, licensed agent to process your application by helping you complete all the application forms and providing a list of the required documents that need to be legalized and submitted along with the application. The government then assesses the application and does a background check before approving your application within a short time and issuing a letter. After this you need to  submit proof of your investment in any of the Grenada real estate properties and pay the necessary fees which will be processed and the certificates of registration will be issued. Finally, you will be awarded Grenadian citizenship and a second passport.

Get in touch with us to be assisted by a licensed agent.

Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Time Frame

The time frame from when your Grenada citizenship by Real Estate investment application is submitted to the time you officially get the citizenship can range from 60 to 90 days. During this time, Grenada’s CBI Committee (CBIC) carries out a strict routine due diligence process to check for any false or missing information in the application before its approval.

Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Costs

You can invest a minimum of $350K in a pre-approved real estate project for a single application. In case of joint investments into a pre-approved Grenada tourism accommodation sector, each investor must make a minimum donation of $220K making up to a total investment value of $440K. Government fee for Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment is $50,000 for a family of up to 4 members and  $25,000 for every additional dependent after that. Application fee is $1,500 per person and due diligence fee is $5,000 per person (none for dependent aged 0-16). Processing fee is $1,500 per person aged over 18 and $500 per person aged under 18.

Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Eligible Properties

Six Senses La Sagesse is a Government approved real estate project in Grenada under the Citizenship by Investment program.

Located between two popular Grenada beaches, Six Senses offers 100 rooms in guest suites for sale with their own private entrances crafting the perfect luxury experience for residents.

Arcus estates is committed to making this process completely smooth sailing for our clients interested in the Grenada citizenship by investment program, eliminating any risks along the way, and offering the best advice. Contact us to know more in detail about the Grenada CBI program.