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When it comes to getting work done on your property, coordinating all the details and getting it done on time can become quite a nightmare. Whether it is a large project, like the restoration of a palazzo, or a small project, just the conversion of a room – there are so many elements that depend on each other.

When you use the services of a project management team, you benefit from the experience of professionals who have streamlined the process at every stage. The success of a project mostly depends on the approach to the overall quality of the result.

There must be a balance in the three fundamental elements of a project: budget, scope, and schedule. A large part of project management involves liaising with architects, contractors, interior designers, and furniture suppliers. By working with a project management team, you can rest assured that the work will be done on time and within budget.


Demolition & Construction

If you will be developing a plot or airspace, or redeveloping an existing building, structural changes will be required. Many people may be apprehensive about this stage because they have no experience in construction, but we are here to assist from the very beginning. We handle the bureaucratic process with the authorities, as well as providing the manpower and machine resources to get the job done safely and on-time.


Planning and Design

These days, preparing a plan of what the property could look like is not complicated, and the advantages of technology allow us to quickly and easily see the effects of changes. It is quite essential to get things right at the planning stage in order to avoid costly extra work to correct a planning issue. Our professional architects prepare visuals to help you understand the outcome and make the best decisions, so that you get it right the first time. 



Finishing works usually involve electricity and plumbing fittings, floor tiling, plastering, and even doors. Your vision for finishing must be there from the start, because things like electrical connections have to be provided for in advance. These are really important as the quality of the finished work will impact the experience of using the space. Finishing can also include interior designer services if you want to get the project totally finalised with our help.


Here's a quick summary of what our project management team can do for you:

  • Architect’s plans & visuals
  • Liaising with authorities for permits
  • Structural works
  • Major repairs
  • Finishing works
  • Interior designer
  • Cleaning services


Project Management is all about assisting clients with their real estate project. Big or small, our team can take care of it from beginning to end.