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Malta is known for having a robust well-regulated financial system, which has progressed into a strong industry including banking, accounting, and finance.  Increased regulatory requirements have forced the industry to develop into the healthy system we have today. The Maltese banking and finance market is well integrated with its European counterpart, having shaped the financial framework through which companies can operate.

Our Banking and Finance Services

Through our internal network we offer banking & finance services aimed at assisting corporations with their transactions. We set our sights on promoting growth and development for businesses, offering expert advice in the key areas of trading and risk management. Clients who wish to borrow money choose us for assistance on financing company enterprises and raising capital for large-scale projects. 

Our team of specialists can provide clients with insights on financial markets and institutions, as well as regulation and directives. Skills such as integrating financial models together with in-depth local and EU regulatory knowledge are combined to offer clients the best advice to aid their decision-making process.

Our structured finance team specialises in providing business-aware advice on:

  • Syndicated loans
  • Bank lending
  • Acquisition finance (including leveraged finance)
  • Project finance
  • Real estate finance
  • Asset finance
  • Islamic finance
  • Financial services regulation

Banking & Finance Experts

Our banking & finance partners can offer expert advice on all kinds of transactions, including business requirements. Whether you are looking for advice regarding a large corporation or a new start-up, our team is equipped with a strong analytical mindset that adapts to real-world situations. The banking & finance team is composed of a multi-disciplinary group of seasoned lawyers with international experience. Their fields of expertise include local and international banking, capital markets, corporate finance, taxation, litigation and real estate law. 

With experience in these fields we can offer advice on banking & finance matters, including loans, real estate transactions and taxes, syndication, collateral, security enforcement, professional secrecy, online transactions, e-commerce and merchant accounts, as well as compliance issues. 

Our finance team can assist you through the process of negotiating with lenders in order to acquire and manage the financing you require. Get in touch with us to get expert advice on the banking and finance services you require.