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Beyond the traditional elements that make Malta so popular with tourists, there are other many other aspects that draw people to Malta as a lifestyle destination. Here are 5 reasons to choose Malta as a place to live.

A Sunny Outlook

One thing that travellers and residents rave about is Malta’s spectacular weather – that’s an average of 300 sunny days per year! Summers in Malta are long and hot, making it the perfect place to enjoy water sports. Sailing, snorkelling, and kayaking are just a few of the many options for actively enjoying the summer. Malta is also a top-class diving destination, with plenty of wrecks dotted around the coast. Winter temperatures rarely dip below 10°, and while snow has been recorded only a handful of times in the past 200 years, it does get a little rainy. 

An Active Lifestyle

Malta is a fantastic option for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Hiking around the coastline is very popular, with several new walking groups emerging recently. Likewise, cycling and running are great ways to get some fresh air while enjoying the Maltese countryside. For the more adventurous type, there are some more extreme sports, like paragliding and abseiling, which are particularly suited to the geographic features of the Maltese Islands. As a plus, the Maltese healthcare system is of excellent quality, with a great variety of additional options in the private healthcare sector.

Friendly Laid-Back Culture

Many visitors remark about the friendly nature of the Maltese people. Always ready with a smile and helpful advice, the Maltese are some of the happiest people in Europe. Not sure where to go for the best pastizzi? Searching for the nearest beach? Need a hand changing your tyre? In Malta, help is always at hand.

Perfectly Connected

Work and travel opportunities aren’t hard to come by. Malta’s economy has developed to include industries such as aviation, finance, tech, and igaming. Working from home is a breeze on an island, especially if you choose a home with a sea view. The Maltese Islands enjoy reliable internet connection with fast speeds.

Why are people choosing Malta as the ideal place to relocate? Overall, the Mediterranean lifestyle enjoyed in Malta is great for families and also for single people. Everyday life is reasonably affordable, compared to other European countries. With a high quality of life and low crime rate, it really is a great option for those looking into a warm and welcoming place to live.

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