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Alcácer Project in Alcácer do Sal - Portugal

4% guranteed yield


With beautiful views of the riverbank, rice plantations and flamingo flocks, this is projected to be a private luxury. In one of the most exclusive areas of Portugal, the peaceful town of Alcácer do Sal. In condominium with 24 hours security, swimming pool, onsite parking, restaurant and common leisure areas. This is the second project in this location, being the first already sold out and in development. Alcácer do Sal is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back to 1000 B.C., and has evolved from fishing village and a landmark of the discovery era to one of the most culturally predominant cities in Portugal. This project is a 20 minute drive to Comporta Beach, a 60 minute drive to Lisbon Airport, and a mere 10 minute walk away from the city centre.

This project is located in the town of Alcácer do Sal, ninety-six kilometres from Lisbon.

Alcácer do Sal has a population of sixty-thousand and a rich history. This is an area of great calmness and tranquillity. A river runs through the entire town and flows towards the coast. This coastal area, known as the Golden Coast, is one of the most famous in Portugal and has been highly valued by the tourism and real-estate industries for a number of years. This has led to a big influx of business ventures and a corresponding rise in property prices.

The thoughts behind this project were to find an area that was close to the coast, yet far enough to avoid the high prices. Alcácer do Sal fits this description perfectly and is 30 KMs away from some of Portugal’s most famous beaches, notably Comporta and Troia.

If you are looking for a stable investment, as well as a luxurious apartment where you can have family vacations, look no further than Alcácer do Sal.