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Graça Development in Lisbon - Portugal

This incredible development is about transforming old beauty into a modern and luxurious building.


This neighbourhood is one of Lisbon's most magical. Perched on top of a hill, it offers unmatched views of the city and the Tagus river below.

It is known for many reasons. It’s innate beauty, as well as the assortment of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and houses that offer a piece of the Lisbon lifestyle.

One could say that Graça is the embodiment of tradition and Portuguese culture. Fado is the musical genre most associated with Portugal and it can trace its roots back to this neighbourhood.

If you go to Graça you will still find fado bars. Essentially, they are houses where you can go to eat and drink and, in the evenings, an artist is sure to stand up and share his melancholy song.

A favourite with tourists and locals alike. This is Lisbon's at its fairytale best.

Graça II has a lovely common garden area at the back, complete with a swimming pool, sure to offer its residends many a magical moment. A mere 5-minute walk from Graça's famous viewpoint - one of Lisbon's most famous vantage points, able to offer unrivaled views of the city.