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Portugal Residency by Investment

Portugal’s popularity among property investors, high rental yields, and a growing tourism industry pushes many people nowadays to buy property in Portugal and get residency. Introduced in October 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa Programme is now one of the most popular ways to get residency in Portugal through real estate investment. The Portugal Residency by Investment Programme allows non-EU citizens to get a Portuguese residence permit by making a qualifying investment in either real estate or funds and keep said investment for 5 years.

Portugal Golden Visa Options

There are many ways to make an investment and obtain Portugal Golden Visa.

Buy a Property in Portugal and Get Golden Visa

If you want to buy a property in Portugal and get residency, then the minimum amount for investing in a newly built residential or commercial property is €500,000. In case of residential or commercial rehabilitation projects, the minimum amount is €350,000. Note that if your real estate investment is located in a low-density area, a 20% discount is applicable on it.
(Have a look at this guide for a detailed procedure of buying a property in Portugal)

Further Portugal Golden Visa options include a contribution in an investment qualified Fund of at least €500,000, a capital transfer of at least €1.5 million, creating ten jobs amounting to a minimum value of €500,000 by company incorporation, and investing a minimum of €250,000 in arts to preserve national heritage in Portugal.

Portugal Golden Visa by Real Estate Investment Fund

The Portugal Golden Visa Real Estate Investment Funds at Arcus aim to provide a solid opportunity for investors who wish to obtain the visa at a low cost through a hassle-free procedure and don’t intend on relocating to Portugal. Using our high expertise we acquire, renovate, and design the most sought-after luxury properties all over Portugal, and bring them to market under the short-term rental real estate category for a limited number of investors with a guaranteed monthly high rental yield.

What distinguishes this Portugal Golden Visa Real Estate Investment Fund from others is that all investors are provided with the leisure to use any of the luxury properties in the fund for 14 days per year for free. Our investment fund combines the key ingredients including high ROI, safety, and convenience that make for a great investor experience.

Portugal Residency Programme 2022 (Portuguese Golden Visa)

There have been some changes in the Portugal Golden Visa Programme which were to be implemented from January 2022. The investment fund required amount was increased from €350,000 to €500,000 and the minimum capital transfer amount was raised from €1 million to €1.5 million.

Buy Property in Lisbon and Porto and Get Golden Visa: The Changes

Following the changes in the programme, you can no longer buy residential property in Lisbon, Porto or Setúbal in order to get residency in Portugal. Instead, the properties must be located in Portugal’s low-density areas such as Alcácer do sal, Azores or Madeira and interior areas.

Portugal Golden Visa Eligibilty

In order to qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa programme, you must be either non-EU, non-Swiss, or non-EEA, with a clean criminal record and spend a minimum of seven days in Portugal per year after making a minimum investment of €280,000.

Members of the family that are eligible to apply along with the main applicant include spouse, parents aged over 65, children aged under 18 and dependent children who are unmarried and full-time students aged under 26.

Benefits of Buy a Property in Portugal and Get Residency

After you buy property in Portugal and get residency, you can enjoy amazing perks of being a Portuguese resident such as living and working in Portugal, free travel within the European Schengen visa zone and eligibility to apply for citizenship and passport after 5 years which will allow you visa-free access to 188 countries. Once you obtain a Portuguese passport, you can also live, work, or study anywhere in the European Union. Moreover, the country offers a favourable tax regime if you decide to relocate to Portugal. In 2021, Portugal was elected by expats the 5th best country to live and work in.

Property Investment to get Residency in Portugal

What are the best properties to invest in to obtain a Portuguese Golden Visa? We have selected for you our top 3 eligible projects:

Eligible Properties to get Portuguese Residency: Muda Reserve

Muda Reserve is a rural residential project inspired by the Alentejo architecture, offers excellent infrastructures and amenities including a church, playing fields, children’s playground, grocery, minimarket, restaurant, and a kiosk selling newspapers and magazines. It is the ideal property investment to get residency in Portugal.

Eligible Properties to get Portuguese Residency: Grandola I

Grandola I, located in Alentejo, comprises duplex villas with a spacious open kitchen & dining area. Two bedrooms and a large bathroom are found on the upper floor. There's a large open area from where natural light floods into the living room through the windows. The location is private, family friendly and perfect to buy property in Portugal and get residency.

Eligible Properties to get Portuguese Residency: Alcácer III

The Alcácer III is a nature inspired hotel located in Alcácer do sal that comprises duplex apartments with an inclusion of local wood as a building material, used to emphasise the the organic and sustainable approach to the project. Located beside the river Vale de Gaio, the apartments are sure to offer stunning views as well. One bed duplex will cost you approximately €400,000.

Our Property Purchase and Golden Visa services in Portugal

We at Arcus assist clients in making the best choice when it comes to property investment in Europe, and we help with the procedure of acquiring a Portugal Golden Visa by Property Investment or Real Estate Fund.

Contact us for further details if you want to buy property in Portugal and get residency.