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2023 Portugal Golden Visa Amendments

Today it was released the final wording of the Government proposal that will rule the Portugal Golden Visa applications and revoke the program.

What are the main changes to the Portugal Golden Visa Programme 2023?

In summary, according to the proposal presented, we highlight the following points:

  • There is no retroactive effect;
  • New processes and renewal processes filled until the new law is published will be admitted;
  • Pending applications and future renewals will be converted into the D2 program – Entrepreneurs Permit – however, without residency requirement of 183 days /year. The Government proposes the current special regime of 7 days/year as staying period, also leading to citizenship after 5 years;
  • New applications for residence permits relating to investments or support for artistic production, recovery or maintenance of cultural heritage country are admitted;
  • The program is terminated as from the date on which this law comes into force - expectedly within 45 days

Last Call to the Portugal Golden Visa 2023

As such, we do recommend for Clients in position, to move forward with their investments asap in order to benefit form the regime.

Get in touch with the Arcus team to see if you qualify to the Portugal Golden Visa.