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Alcácer III in Alcácer do Sal - Portugal

Nature inspired hotel with 15 rooms


The Alcácer III is precisely located in Quinta do Olival of Torrão, besides the river Vale de Gaio. As an accommodation’s project, Alcácer 3 will be a nature inspired hotel, total with 15 rooms, including 2 of T0 and 13 of T1 duplex apartments in a modern but naturalistic style of design. All the apartments display a natural view to the river and a private and comfortable bedroom with the T1 type exclusively exempting 2 bathroom. In order to form a stronger connection with the natural environment that surrounds the structures of the project, there will be a prevalent use of local wood as building material and as interior decoration to further emphasize the nature of the architectural design, the use of a variety of wooden furniture will be employed in order to strengthen the organic and sustainable nature of the project.