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Carcavelos I in Cascais - Portugal

5% Guaranteed Yield or Flexible Return


Carcavelos I is situated in the main square of the town, a trendy neighborhood that is seeked due to its wide variety offer of restaurants and shops. The project is inspired in the ocean proximity, the beach and the modern vibe elements of the region.

Carcavelos I is an apart-hotel with 22 units, 20 fully equipped apartments and 2 commercial units. Upon entrace, a restaurant has been designed to offer healthy meals and beverages. The apartments are divided within the three floors offering a favored view towards the backyard where a beautiful garden can be used for several activities and entertainment, up until we reach the rooftop with stunning views, a co working area and a lounge, designed to fullfill the demand of remote working as Lisbon is one of most up-and-coming capital cities and has become a favourite spot for digital nomads from around the world.

Our project offers a enrich living experience with a wide variety of activities providing a great potential for investment ensuring an appreciation over time.

Carcavelos is a great home for long and short-term renting.