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Odeon in Lisbon - Portugal

A timeless building being brought back to its former prestige


Just off Lisbon's chic Avendida da Liberdade stands Odeon. The first thatre of Lisbon and cultural icon. Odeon was known as "The Theatre" of its time. Frequented by the elite and recognised for its glamour.

When Odeon opened its doors in 1927, it was a smybol of status.

Even after shutting its doors, today Odeon is the artistic location for photoshoots, fashion shows, film content, music videos and high profile events.

For privacy and comfort there are only 10 apartments. All the apartments will be spacious with areas ranging from 112 sq mtrs to 232 sq mtrs. Eac space will be open, full of light and life.

Close attention to details and finest finishings create a one of a kind residence. The marquis terrace or refrigirated wine cellar add to the opulance.