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When it comes to selling your property, there are so many details that you need to keep in mind. Are all the permits in order? Are you asking for a fair price? What happens if it doesn’t sell?

There are a number of benefits to registering your property for sale with a professional real estate agency. Selling your property with an agency takes all the stress out of the task.

In depth market knowledge

Arcus’s team of property experts know the market inside-out. We keep ourselves updated on industry developments and changes to the law. We also use our internal data to observe market patterns and fluctuations, helping us to make better predictions for the future. This means that we can guide you confidently toward the right asking price. In the real estate market, it helps to understand the fine distinction between asking price and selling price – something that can make a big difference to you.

List Your Property

Marketing tools

As a professional real estate consultancy, we use a selection of the best tools to bring your property to market. Instead of wasting time on techniques that no longer yield results, we focus on what works now. This includes a number of digital tools to reach buyers online, as well as traditional tools such as our international network.

Network of clients

As a well-established company, we have built a network of clients around Europe. That means that when you sell your property with Arcus, you are opening up to buyers throughout Europe. Our network is far-reaching, but our service is always local.

Experienced in property sales

Due to our years of experience in this industry, we have comprehensive knowledge of procedures, legal requirements, permits, zones and all other concerns a seller may have. When selling a property, there are many other professional services you will require. When you need an architect, notary, or surveyor, we have developed connections with trusted complementary service providers.

In our quest to provide a lifelong service to clients, we have established a multidisciplinary collection of property specialists, lawyers, notaries, architects, designers and tax specialists. This is our holistic approach to offering value to our clients.

Why Arcus

At Arcus our key word is assistance. Our client-centric way of working means that you are the focus of what we do. We have built up our business to include 15 years of experience in real estate, project management, investment and advisory services. We are so proud of our high percentage of returning clients, because this is hard evidence that clients are happy with our services.