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When you’re not around, you need to know that your property is being taken care of. Our professional team of property management specialists have years of experience in the field, and are perfectly equipped to provide a high level of service.

Property management for your holiday home

After choosing a holiday home in a different country, you need to put your mind at rest that the property is being taken care of – even when you aren’t around. We can sort out the upkeep of your second home. This includes any necessary maintenance and repairs, payment of bills, mail forwarding, and any other issues that may come up. When you choose property management services provided by Arcus, you can rest assured that your holiday home will be in pristine condition when you visit.

Property management for your rental property

Our rental management team has the expertise to fully manage your property rental. Many of our clients purchase a rental property in order to diversify their portfolio, but they don’t have the time to manage it. Renting out a property can be a substantial commitment, which is why Arcus offers property management services tailored to property rentals. We have years of experience looking after both your property and your tenants. This includes collecting rent, sorting out maintenance, mediating disputes, and renewing the rental contract. As we also specialise in real estate, we can also be of service to market your property and find new tenants.

Turnkey project management

When you have a plot of land or property for redevelopment, you need a good team to get the job done to a high standard while keeping to the budget. Our team has the expertise required to successfully complete a turnkey property management project. Our experienced team of professionals can handle all types of projects, from redevelopment of an existing property, to complete construction of a new building.

Property management services offered by Arcus:

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Payment of bills (utility bills, ground rent, insurance)
  • Setting up insurance and filing insurance claims
  • Mail forwarding
  • Condominium services
  • Office management
  • Pool cleaning
  • Gardening & landscaping services
  • Domestic cleaning services
  • Laundry services

· Airing out and running systems in a vacant property (such as appliances and plumbing system)

· Sourcing tenants & registering rental contract

  • Preparing the property for new tenants
  • Collection of rent
  • Property sales
  • Property leasing
  • Scheduled property inspections and reports

Get in touch with us to discuss your property management needs.