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Arcus is the ideal choice for persons wishing to take a big step. Because of our holistic approach to serving clients, we are there for you at each step of your journey. From buying your first home to moving to a different country, we are here to help.

Your Lifestyle, Your Property

The kind of property you choose depends on your lifestyle. Choosing the right property type is all about what you value – is it important to have a lot of outdoor space, a walk-in wardrobe, a pantry? How many bedrooms do you need? What additional property features are important – some very unusual features may be a challenge to find. People with a certain lifestyle may want to find a property with stables, or a place with an indoor pool. Nowadays home gyms are becoming more popular.

A person with an active lifestyle who adores sports will prefer a property with access to a gym or cycling path nearby. Those who have felt a fondness for the sea often choose a property located not far from a beach or sailing club. Persons with a very busy lifestyle packed with social events will appreciate being located in a bustling city.

Doing business in a different country

If you are considering opening a business in another country, you need the right guidance. There are regulations that must be observed, and obligations when it comes to tax and income. Speak to our team of advisors to understand the full picture and they will guide you towards making the best decision.

A Team of Professionals offering Complementary Services

Our team of professionals belong to many different but complementary fields. Among them are property consultants, lawyers, financial advisors, notaries, tax specialists, designers and architects.

We offer the services of an excellent legal team, with experience handling trusts and estate planning, residence schemes, and company formations as well as all other legal requirements.

Clients have availed themselves of our team’s notarial services, including issues related to property title, inheritance issues, donations among others.

We have also helped clients find the right architects to work on a project. From building design to compliance and project management, our team of architects is equipped with the skills and experience to get it done right. They have also worked on design for commercial projects, building regulations, planning permits, and policy compliance.

The design team has helped countless clients make their homes, offices, and commercial spaces look and feel unique. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, a designer’s touch makes a huge difference in the final product.

Arcus can also offer the services of tax specialists who work on compliance, corporate tax, wealth management, tax planning, international tax advice, employment tax, and VAT.

As an international company, Arcus offers a comprehensive range of services to help you in your journey. We are proud to create lifelong value with clients who repeatedly call on our services for their property, consultancy, and relocation needs. We can help you achieve the lifestyle you aspire to.