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Taksim360 in Istanbul, Beyoglu District - Turkey

This development is the largest renewal project in Turkey, and received the award “Best Urban Renewal Project in Europe."


This spectacular development promises a full life not only with its offices and residence blocks, but also with its stores, art galleries and location.
Lovers of Istanbul who want to experience the historical and cultural richness of Istanbul such as Nisantasi, Cihangir, and Eminönü have many stories to experience at here. This residential living experience full of stylish design elements and luxurious details will exceed all your expectations.
Taksim 360, which preserves the region carefully, is surrounded by houses, offices, shopping opportunities,
and concept streets that serve social life. Consisting of 9 blocks and 918 units,
Taksim 360 blends the historical texture of the region with a futuristic architecture in a rational way.

Everybody has many reasons to live and work here not only today but for two thousand years. With its remarkably long facade on the main street, offices with unique designs, concept streets where the energy of life flows, and residences where all kinds of details are considered to provide you with maximum comfort. This project makes a holistic assertion: A symbol of perfection that draws strength from the past and extends to the future.