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The uniqueness of Turkish citizenship is the access to over 110+ countries over six continents of the world, totally visa-free in addition to many other benefits. Read the full list of Turkey Visa Free Countries 2022 and how to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment (see our top properties and development projects in Turkey)

Turkey Citizenship Visa Free Countries

Over the years, the Turkish government has established international relations with countries on several continents, and this has enabled Turkish citizens to access some of these countries without needing any official document or an interview session.
A comprehensive list of Turkey Visa-free countries that Turkish citizens can access without a visa or with a visa on arrival, and their duration of stay in the country are listed below.

Turkey Visa Free Countries List 2022

  • Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic located in Western Sahara - 3 months visa-free entry.
  • Somaliland - 30 days Visa on arrival.
  • Hong Kong - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Kish Island - visa-free entry.
  • Macao - 30 days visa-free entry
  • Palestine - Visa-free entry.
  • Taiwan - 30 days Visa on arrival.
  • Phu Quoc - 30 days of visa-free entry.
  • British Virgin Islands - 30 days visa-free entry.
  • Margarita Island - Visa-free entry but visitors must be fingerprinted.
  • Turks And Caicos Islands - visa-free entry.
  • Northern Cyprus - unhindered freedom of movement with a valid identity card
  • Kosovo - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • South Ossetia - Visa-free entry.
  • Transnistria - Visa-free entry.
  • Cook Islands - 31 days visa-free entry.
  • Niue - 30 days Free Visa on arrival.
  • Pitcairn Islands - 14 days of visa-free entry.
  • Falkland Islands - 4 weeks Visitor’s permit on arrival.
  • Ascension Island - 3 months e-visa on arrival.
  • Saint Helena - e-visa on arrival.

 Turkey Citizenship/Passport Holders Visa-Free Countries 2022

Turkey passport holders also have access to many countries visa-free. A comprehensive list of 2022 Turkey visa-free countries for passport holders is as follows:

  • The Benin Republic –30 days Visa on arrival. On condition that the passenger possesses an international certificate of vaccination.
  • Botswana –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Cape Verde – Visa on arrival.
  • Comoros –45 days Visa on arrival.
  • Djibouti –31 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Eswatini –30 days visa-free entry.
  • Ethiopia –90 days Visa on arrival.
  • Gabon –90 days e-visa on arrival.
  • The Gambia – Capital 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Guinea –90 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Guinea Bissau – 30 days Visa on arrival.
  • Kenya –3 months visa-free entry.
  • Lesotho – e-visa on arrival.
  • Madagascar –90 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Malawi –90 days Visa on arrival.
  • Mauritania –Visa on arrival.
  • Mauritius –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Morocco - 3 months visa-free entry.
  • Mozambique –30 days Visa on arrival.
  • Namibia –Visa on arrival
  • Rwanda –30 days Visa on arrival.
  • Seychelles –3 months Visitor’s Permit on arrival.
  • Sao Tome And Principe –5 days visa-free entry.
  • Senegal –90 days Visa on arrival.
  • Sierra Leone – 30 days Visa on arrival.
  • South Africa –30 days visa-free entry.
  • Sudan – Visa on arrival.
  • Tanzania –3 months e-visa on arrival
  • Togo –7 days Visa on arrival.
  • Tunisia –3 months visa-free entry.
  • Uganda –3 months visa on arrival.
  • Zambia –90 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Zimbabwe –3 months e-visa on arrival.
  • Antigua And Barbuda –3 months Visa-free entry.
  • Argentina –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Bahamas –8 months visa-free entry.
  • Barbados –6 months visa-free entry.
  • Belize –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Bolivia –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Brazil –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Chile –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Colombia –180 days of visa-free entry.
  • Costa Rica –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Dominica –21 days visa-free entry.
  • The Dominican Republic –90 days Visa-free entry.
  • Ecuador –90 days visa-free entry.
  • El Salvador –3 months visa-free entry.
  • Guatemala –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Haiti –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Honduras –3 months visa-free entry.
  • Jamaica –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Mexico –30 days Electronic Authorization system.
  • Nicaragua – 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Panama –180 days visa-free entry.
  • Paraguay –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Peru –183 days of visa-free entry.
  • Saint Kitts And Nevis - 3 months visa-free entry.
  • Saint Lucia –6 weeks days visa-free entry.
  • Saint Vincent And The Grenadines –one-month visa-free entry.
  • Suriname –90 days E-tourist card.
  • Trinidad And Tobago –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Uruguay –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Venezuela –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Azerbaijan –90 days of e-visa on arrival.
  • Bangladesh –30 days of visa on arrival.
  • Brunei –30 days visa-free entry.
  • Cambodia –30 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Indonesia –30 days visa-free entry.
  • Iran –30 days visa on arrival.
  • Japan–90 days visa-free entry
  • Kazakhstan –30 days visa-free entry.
  • South Korea –90 days visa-free entry.
  • Kyrgyzstan – 30 days of visa-free entry.
  • Laos - 30 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Malaysia - 3 months visa-free entry.
  • Maldives - 30 days visa on arrival.
  • Mongolia - 30 days of Visa-free entry.
  • Myanmar - 28 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Nepal - 90 days visa on arrival.
  • Pakistan - Electronic Travel Authorization.
  • Philippines - 30 days visa-free entry.
  • Singapore - 30 days visa-free entry.
  • Sri Lanka - 30 days visa on arrival.
  • Tajikistan - 45 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Thailand:30 days of visa-free entry.
  • Timor Leste - 30 days visa-free entry.
  • Uzbekistan - 30 days of visa-free entry.
  • Bahrain - 4 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Iraq - 3 months visa-free entry.
  • Jordan - 3 months visa-free entry.
  • Kuwait - 3 months e-visa on arrival.
  • Lebanon - 3 months Multiple-entry visa on arrival.
  • Oman - 30 days e-visa on arrival.
  • Qatar - citizens 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Albania - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Armenia - 120 days Visa on arrival.
  • Belarus - Visa on arrival
  • Bosnia And Herzegovina - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Georgia - 360 days of visa-free entry.
  • Moldova - 90 days visa-free entry
  • Montenegro - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • North Macedonia - 60 days visa-free entry.
  • Serbia - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Ukraine - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Fiji - 4 months visa-free entry.
  • Marshall Islands - 90 days Visa-free entry.
  • Micronesia - 30 days visa-free entry.
  • Palau - 30 days visa on arrival.
  • Samoa - 60 days visa-free entry.
  • Tonga - 90 days visa-free entry.
  • Tuvalu - one-month visa-free entry.
  • Vanuatu - 30 days visa-free entry.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Programme

The Turkish government in 2017 adopted a policy that grants foreigners easy access to becoming Turkish citizens. This is called the Turkish citizen by Investment programme. In this programme, foreigners have the privilege to acquire Turkish citizenship by investing in diverse kinds in Turkey.
This programme was adopted to encourage foreigners to invest in Turkey, thereby boosting the overall economy of the nation. The Turkey Citizenship by investment programme involves different categories based on foreign investment in several sectors.
The sectors covered by Turkey Citizenship by Investment Programme are as follows:

Citizenship by Investment through fixed capital investment

A foreigner can acquire Turkish citizenship by making a fixed capital of at least 500,000 USD or an equivalent amount in Turkish lira. This Investment is determined by the Ministry of Industry and technology, and the fixed capital investment should be an investment in goods and services production.

Citizenship by Creating jobs

A foreigner can acquire Turkish Citizenship by employing or creating jobs for 50 persons or more after being ascertained by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services.

Citizenship by investing government debt instruments

A foreigner can also acquire Turkish Citizenship is determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance if they hold at least 500,000 USD or an equivalent amount in Turkish lira worth of government debt instruments over three years.

Citizenship by investment in Turkish Banks

A foreigner can acquire Turkish Citizenship as determined by Banking and Supervision Agency by depositing at least 500,000 USD or an equivalent amount in Turkish lira in banks that operate in turkey for three years or more. The bank where the deposit is made must be recognized in Turkey.

Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

A foreigner can acquire Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate or property in Turkey. Full details of this form of investment are explained in a later section of this article.

UPDATE: As from the 13th June 2022, the minimum requirement for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme is slated to increase from $250,000 to $400,000 in property value.

Citizenship by investment in venture capital and real estate investment funds shares

A foreigner can also acquire Turkish Citizenship is determined by the Capital Market Board by purchasing a share of venture capital or real estate investment fund of at least 500,000 USD or an equivalent in Turkish lira.

Benefits of a Turkish citizenship

As stated earlier, the Turkish government has established strategic relations with several nations which have proven beneficial to Turkish Citizens. Some of these benefits include:

  • Turkish Citizenship includes family members and, can be passed on to children
  • Visa-free travel to over 110 countries on several continents including Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.
  • Easy access to live and work in the USA with an E-2 visa for five years
  • Dual citizenship because the Turkish government allows you to maintain former citizenship.
  • No tax is imposed for those who live outside Turkey for over six months.

 Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program has an option of investing at least $250,000 in property and real estate in any area of Turkey with a pledge to hold the property for at least three years. A foreigner can purchase a property of any type - an apartment, land, an estate or any form of property in turkey. Multiple properties with value worth a total of $250,000 or an equivalent amount in Turkish lira can be purchased by a foreigner to access Turkish Citizenship.
A real estate valuation report precedes the purchase to indicate the market value and should be prepared by the Capital Markets Board and the Banking Supervision Board. This valuation report must be prepared three months before the application date for the purchase of the real estate.

See top eligible properties in Turkey.

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Acquiring your Turkish citizenship has been made easier than ever before and the citizenship by investment program is the best initiative by the Turkish government. You benefit from the fast-growing economy in addition to several other benefits Turkish citizens access locally and internationally.
Investing in real estate is a sure way to acquire your Turkish citizenship and we at Arcus  are here to provide you with the best property and real estate deals that supersede your expectations. Your dream of becoming a Turkish citizen is now a reality.

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