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Real estate investment is one of the easiest ways to obtain citizenship in another country. We will be discussing four of the best countries from Europe and the Caribbean offering easy citizenship by investment in real estate and how each of these can benefit you and your family. But first, let's learn about the concept.

Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate

Citizenship by real estate investment is just you contributing to the economic growth of another country by purchasing a residential property, which in turn can help you boost your tax strategy along with many other benefits that come with establishing a home in one of these countries.

The application processing is quicker and applicants won’t be required to learn the local language. You can get a residence permit after which some countries will offer you a second passport through naturalization, which can lead to permanent citizenship. 

Turkey Citizenship by Real Estate

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment in real estate takes only 2-3 months. The applicant is required to invest $250,000 in real estate for a minimum of three years after which the investment can be returned without an impact on the viability of the citizenship. Istanbul, being a hub for multiple business opportunities in the Middle East, is the most popular choice of most applicants. However, Antalya, Bodrum and Belek also have good alternatives for residential properties like apartments and villas. 

The main applicant's spouse, their children aged below 18 and their parents are eligible for Turkish citizenship. Citizens are allowed visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 111 countries including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. You can also obtain an E-2 investor Visa in the USA for 5 years. There are multiple tourist spots to visit and a wide range of halal food options available for you and your family.

See properties available for investment in Turkey or get in touch with us for further details.

Grenada Citizenship by Real Estate

The minimum required real estate investment for the Grenada Citizenship Program is $350,000 but it can be decreased to $220,000 per applicant if you are investing with others. The government fee is quite reasonable and most of the investment can be recovered three years later. However, the whole investment can be regained after 5 years once the property is sold. Investment can be made in government-approved real estate including hotels, resorts and villas. Applicants are not required to learn the local language or the history of Grenada. They will receive a second passport in 2-3 months without any need to visit the country during the investment period.

The applicant's parents, grandparents, siblings and children, if under 30, can be included in the application. You will be able to experience visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to countries in the EU along with China, UAE, UK, Switzerland, Russia, Brazil, India, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, and Qatar etc. You can obtain an E2 investor visa in the US which will allow you to live and run a business there. Grenada is the only Caribbean citizenship through real estate investment program that allows visa-free access to China and is considered the most affordable program to gain entry into the UAE.

See properties available for investment in Grenada or get in touch with us for further details.

Antigua Citizenship by Real Estate

The minimum amount for Antigua citizenship by investment in real estate is supposed to be $400,000 for an individual family and $200,000 for joint investment. Investors can buy shares in state-approved properties and tourist infrastructure developments can also be invested in. After 5 years, the property can be sold and the money can be recovered. Applicants are required to visit the island for five days within 5 years of receiving the passport but they don't need to live in the country.  

The applicant's grandparents, parents aged above 55 years, siblings and children aged below 30 can also participate in the program. Citizens of Antigua are allowed visa-free travel to over 160 countries including the UK, EU, Schengen zone, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland. They can also obtain a 10-year US B1/B2 tourist visa which allows the citizen to visit the US for up to 180 days per year to have business meetings or get special medical treatments. Moreover, there is no tax on personal income, inheritance or capital gains.

See properties available for investment in Antigua or get in touch with us for further details.

Are you planning on making a real estate investment in one of these countries for citizenship?

Get in touch with us if you want help in choosing the right program. We can give you more information about available properties, minimum investment amount, return period and the specific countries that each of these programs allow visa-free travel for.